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Latest News
We have made a brief summary of the whole project mobilities.
Magda has sent a video with the Music, Dance and Games movie.
You can find some photos of the activities in Hellín:
From Spain we have produced some videos on some delicious traditional recipes with simple instructions for its preparation.
We will try to upload some photos of our trip to Edimburgh in this album, so you can be sharing it with us.
We have uploaded a new site with the international calendar for 2014.

The Big Challenge Club

On this website pupils will be able to chat and mail messages in order to establish links and promote the interchange of experiences, everything in English language.
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Summary of the Mobilities

Edimburgh, Scotand 28th November - 2nd December 2011

Leszno, Poland 14th -18th May 2012

Edimburgh, Scotland 10th - 14th September 2012

Alicante, Spain 15th - 17th March 2012

Hellín, Spain 12th - 18th May 2013



Music, Dance and Games movies


Panecicos Dulces
Tortilla de Patatas
Ingredients: 4 eggs, half a kilo of potatoes, olive oil, salt. Step 1: Peel, wash and chop the potatoes into thin slices. Add salt and fry them on a medium heat until the potatoes are fully cooked and golden brown . Trick: you can smash the potatoes while moving. Remove the potatoes from the pan and drain the oil in a colander or on a plate with absorbent cooking paper. Step 2: Beat the eggs with some salt, add the potatoes and mix them together Step 3: Pour 2 teaspoons of olive oil into the pan and heat on medium heat. Then, pour the egg and potatoes mixture into the pan and spread it out evenly. Move the mixture skillfully, shaking the pan , then turn the omelette using a plate large enough or a pan’s lid and cook on the other side. You can turn it several times to get both sides golden brown. Ready to serve!(
Moje Manchego

Easy and quick to prepare: Put all the ingredients in a bowl: Tinned tomatoes, tinned tuna, boiled eggs, sliced onion, olives cod. Add some salt and olive oil. It is usually eaten accompanied by lettuce and broad beans.

Music and Dance

The Senior Center Rondalla from Hellin has delighted us with pieces of folk music of our land, our students and teachers are also ready to teach our friends from Scotland and Poland:



From Spain we propose two more games to teach our peers and to share with them in Poland:


To play this game you need two teams: dogs and cats. Line them up facing each other, then mark the field with a dividing line and place a ball per pair on it (a player from each team). The teacher says the name of a team (cat or dog) and the players of that team have to catch the ball and try to touch their mates with it. The members of the adversary team try to avoid the ball running through the set field. Forty or fifty seconds later the balls are placed again on the dividing line and the game stars again.


All the players will be in a circle sitting on the floor except one player who will stay outside the circle with a trainer on his hand. The players will close their eyes and will place their heads between their legs. The pupil outside the circle has to go round the circle and place the trainer behind someone. Then, the player with the trainer behind him has to take it and chase the other player. If he catches him before sitting on the free place, he will start the game again.


John from the PE department in Scotland has sent us some information about traditional Scottish country dancing and Shinty.

We are planning to create a Scottish Country dancing DVD to help with teaching. Here are some clips to help you understand the basic dances. We will look to teach 3.

From Poland Małgorzata Adamczak has sent us some information about Polish cuisine, traditional Christmas dishes and recipes for selected dishes in order to elaborate our Multicultural Recipe Book.




BIGOS ala Gosia - Recipe

Christmas Dishes

Traditional Christmas Dishes

From Spain we´ve edited a video with the works about Hellín´s Fair and About San Rafael.
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