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Latest News
We have made a brief summary of the whole project mobilities.
Magda has sent a video with the Music, Dance and Games movie.
You can find some photos of the activities in Hellín:
From Spain we have produced some videos on some delicious traditional recipes with simple instructions for its preparation.
We will try to upload some photos of our trip to Edimburgh in this album, so you can be sharing it with us.
We have uploaded a new site with the international calendar for 2014.

The Big Challenge Club

On this website pupils will be able to chat and mail messages in order to establish links and promote the interchange of experiences, everything in English language.
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About the Project

Welcome to the project R.A.C.E, a multilateral project of cooperation among European educational centers placed within the Comenius Programmes. It will last two school years, and It is called Responsible, Active, Confident, and Effective through the Intercultural Dialogue.

The participants are:

- Forrester High School, Edimburg (Scotland)

- CEIP Ntra. Sra. del Rosario, Hellín (Spain)

- Szkola Podstawowa nr 3 im. Marii Sklodowskiej Curie, Leszno (Poland)

All through the two school years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 the following activities will be developed:

Multicultural Recipe Book: Pupils and teachers will work on recipes related to festivities in each country. When visiting Scotland, pupils will cook some examples of the recipes of each country. The Scottish team will produce a recipe book I digital and paper format.

Common Song:  A song will be sung in the three languages by children of the three countries. The process will be coordinated by the team of Scotland.

Multicultural Calendar 2014: pupils and teachers will work on festivities and the way they are celebrated in each country. All this information will be picked up in Spain and the Spanish team will create the calendar in both digital and paper format.

RACE website: Every country will send information about the development of the project including photos, videos,… The Spanish team will create and maintain the web page of the project.

Traditional Dances: Pupils and teachers will work on traditional dances. Each country will mail a video with two traditional dances and the description of how they are danced in each visit. The Polish team will pick up all this material.

Multicultural Games: Every country will select two games (a traditional one and a group one) which will be sent to the Polish team. The games will be touch in the three countries. For this to be possible, videos of the games together with their descriptions will be done.

Cultural Introductions: During each visit, the hosting country will show to the invited countries a digital presentation with information about the school, the local area or city and culture in general of the country.

 Comenius Partners: In Internet, pupils will be able of chatting and mail messages to establish links and promote the interchange of experiences, everything in English language. It will take place in  The Big Challenge Club

What more enthusiasm is promoting in children is the possibility to visit other countries. The calendar for the visits is as follows:

-Poland:  14 - 18 of May of 2012

-Scotland:  10 - 14 of September of 2012

-Spain:  13 - 17 of May of 2013

As it can be seen in the programming of the project R.A.C.E, its main purpose is the intercultural dialogue. Necessarily this dialogue implies the respectful listening of what young people of different cultural origins and points of view are going to tell us. An active listening that will help them to know better the reality of the world where they live.

But the dialogue also includes talking and to talk pupils will have to know that they have to talk about, that is, their own culture specially their local culture. Logically, those cultures of people who transmit them to the young will remain though time. But cultures of those who don’t care will be forgotten and with them their identity as communities.

Thanks to the double side, to know the own and the others cultures, pupils will be more responsible, active, confident and efficient in the society where they will have to live successfully as adults.


Summary of the Mobilities

Edimburgh, Scotand 28th November - 2nd December 2011

Leszno, Poland 14th -18th May 2012

Edimburgh, Scotland 10th - 14th September 2012

Alicante, Spain 15th - 17th March 2012

Hellín, Spain 12th - 18th May 2013




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