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We have made a brief summary of the whole project mobilities.
Magda has sent a video with the Music, Dance and Games movie.
You can find some photos of the activities in Hellín:
From Spain we have produced some videos on some delicious traditional recipes with simple instructions for its preparation.
We will try to upload some photos of our trip to Edimburgh in this album, so you can be sharing it with us.
We have uploaded a new site with the international calendar for 2014.

The Big Challenge Club

On this website pupils will be able to chat and mail messages in order to establish links and promote the interchange of experiences, everything in English language.
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On the night of January 5th, shoes that have been well cleaned sit next to the windows of Spanish homes, awaiting the arrival of Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar (the three wise men), who will bring toys to the good kids and coal (made of sugar) to the naughty ones. A Cabalgata de Reyes (wise men parade) is celebrated in almost all Spanish cities and towns on the day of the fifth, where children and parents/grandparents wait in wide-eyed anticipation as the three wise men approach, bringing presents that each child has requested in a letter.
After a sleepless night and a Kings Day full of children running around playing with their new gifts, it’s time to return to the old daily grind. On January 7th we must go back to work, to the office or to school, exhausted after this eventful time of year which is so special, especially for the kids.
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